150M Wireless Router

150M Wireless Router

The BL-WA03-A1 150M wireless router is applied with a 5dBi external high gain antenna, and can create strong wireless signal overlay and far wireless signal transmission distance. It is adopted with 11N WLAN technology, and its wireless transfer rate can reach 150Mbps. It can meet the needs of a large number of wireless clients joining the WLAN, and the users need not worry about losing connection. This wireless router has the functions of no SSID broadcasting, wireless MAC address filtering, and 64/128 bit WEP, WPS-PSK/WPA2-PSK or WPA/WPA2 encryption. It has the WPS button, and supports the QSS. When using the wireless card that also has a WPS button, the user just need to press the WPS buttons respectively to set up the WLAN security. The user also can input the PIN instead of WLAN password into client computer to build up the WPS2 security that is much safer than WPS security. This product supports gateway setting, AP client, WDS wireless relaying, two or more wireless routers bridging, and the expansion of wireless coverage.

Technical Parameters
Data link protocol IEEE802.11n / IEEE802.11b / IEEE802.11g / IEEE802.3 / IEEE802.3u / CSMA/CA / CSMA/CD / TCP/IP / DHCP / ICMP / NAT / PPPoE
WAN 1* 10/100M(self-adaptation) RJ45 port
LAN 4* 10/100M(self-adaptation) RJ45 port
Antenna1* external 5dbi fixed omni-directional antenna
Wireless modeAP mode
WDS wireless bridging mode
Shared Network mode
Ethernet switch mode
Encryption methodwireless MAC address filtering
WPS button
64/128 bit WEP / WPA / WPA2 encryption
WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK / WPA/WPA2 encryption
Other functionRoamingStatus indicating
Frequency bandwidth20MHz/40MHz/Auto (optional)
Wireless mode 11n only / 11 b/g/n mixed / 11 b/g mixed / 11g only / 11b only /
Wireless transfer rate11n: 150Mbps(Maximum)
11g: 54Mbps(Maximum)
11b: 11Mbps(Maximum)
channels 1~14 (depending on the user's country or region)
Spread spectrumDSSS
Line coding formatDBPSK / DQPSK / CCK / OFDM ( BPSK/16-QAM/64-QAM )
Sensitivity @PER 135M: -70dBm@10%PER
108M: -70dBm@10%PER
54M: -72dBm@10%PER
11M: -85dBm@8%PER
6M: -88dBm@10%PER
1M: -90dBm@8%PER
RF power15dBm
LED indicatorSYS indicator
WLAN status indicator(twinkling when data is transmitted)
WAN indicator (twinkling when data is transmitted)
LAN indicator (twinkling when data is transmitted)
Power indicator(normally on when power in on)
Port link/act indictor
WPS status indicator
Network media(cable)10 BASE-T/ CAT3 or 3E UTP 100BASE-TX/ CAT5 UTP
Environmental parameters Operating temperature: 0~40 ℃
Storage temperature: -40~70 ℃
Operating humidity: 10%~90% RH non-condensing
Storage humidity: 5%~90% RH non-condensing
External power supplyDC 5V/2A (power adapter output)

As a specialized 150M wireless router manufacturer and supplier in China, B-LINK also offers fax modem, gigabit Ethernet switch, managed gigabit switch, Wi-Fi module, and more.

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Commercial Router Supplier | Easy Connection Network | Computer Device

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